Camel Festival, Bikaner

  • Set in the Thar Desert in the city of Bikaner in Jaipur, this festival is held each year in the month of January. The camels are popularly called the ships of the desert and this festival celebrates these magnificent animals that are traditionally employed in Bikaner to pull heavy carts, transport grains and lift buckets of water from the wells. The camels are beautifully decorated with colourful cloths and participate in a procession against the background of the red sandstone of Junagarh Fort. It then proceeds to the open stretch of desert. Here camels take part in various competitions- best breed, tug of war, camel dance, acrobatics and much more. Trainers watch proudly as the camels display their beautiful footwork at their commands. Hundreds of tourists visit Bikaner every year for this festival to watch the man and animal affair organized especially for them. The evenings herald a show of the traditional dance and music of Rajasthan by local folk performers. The skirt swirling dancers, fearless fire dancers and incredible fireworks dazzle the tourists.

  • Camel Festival
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