Desert Festival, Jaisalmer

  • The sprawling Thar Desert is situated in the state of Rajasthan in India. Once a year in the winter, this desert is filled with merriment and festivity. Locals and tourists come together for a celebration of culture, music and dance. The Rajasthani culture is known for its vibrant colour and boisterous enthusiasm, and its people for their warmth and hospitality. Organized by the Tourism Department in the month of January or February every year, this festival displays the traditional Rajasthani dance and music for three days. Rajasthani men dressed in their local attire of dhoti and kurta with their colourful turbans and the women in their vibrantly coloured ghagras or long skirts come to the desert to dance and sing songs about valour, romance and tragedy- all integral elements of Rajasthani history. Puppetry is another aspect of the culture and puppeteers come from across the country to show off their skills. This festival also attracts acrobats and camel owners- with camel races, camel polo, etc. Visitors can participate in the boisterous games of Tug of War and Panihari Matka to get a taste of the tradition. Men participate in the turban tying contest amidst much laughter and cheer. They also put their long moustaches and rustic physique on display in traditional attire for the Mr. Desert title.

  • Desert Festival Jaisalmer
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