Elephant Festival, Jaipur

  • The Elephant Festival is a unique celebration held every year in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. It is one of the best times to travel to Rajasthan and experience the culture. Held in the month of March, it is celebrated one day before the festival of Holi or the festival of colours. Held at the Rambaugh Polo Ground in Jaipur, it begins with a procession of elephants, lovingly decorated by their mahouts with glittering ornaments and velvet cloths. These majestic beasts walk before the enraptured crowd and run races. Then, as the sound of trumpets fills the air, the ceremonial procession is recreated with the palanquins, chariots, cannons and bullock carts marching through the grounds. Next come the local artists who infuse enthusiasm and energy in to the crowd of locals and tourists with their lively music and dance performances. The elephants, however remain the centre of the show. Dressed in saffron or red for the two opposing teams, these majestic creatures play a game of polo with the players handling long plastic sticks and a football. Finally, the tourists are invited to mount the elephants. As the excitement rises, they play a game Holi with colourful powders with the locals. This Festival attracts a huge number of tourists each year. The festival is further topped with mouth watering delicacies that resonate authentic Indian tastes, tradition and customs.

  • Elephant Festival
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