Pushkar Fair

  • The Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Ka Mela is an annual camel and livestock fair held in Pushkar, Rajasthan. This five day fair is one of its kind in India. It draws many visitors, mostly the village folk of India, who come to trade their livestock here. Not only does this this Mela attract farmers, it also attracts many tourists who want to experience the varied culture and religion performances in Rajasthan. And the Mela is not just a meeting of farmers who are interested in livestock. People from all walks of life attend the fair- devotees, musicians, acrobats, comedians, sadhus and even tourists. It is held in the month of Kartika according to the Hindu calendar, which falls in October or November, from the 8th day after the new moon, known as ashtmi, till the full moon or purnima. During the first half of this festival, you can see farmers and traders haggling over livestock, a true experience in a country like India. During the second half of the festival, devotees flock to Pushkar to take a dip in the holy Lake Sarovar which is said to bestow salvation on those who bath in its waters. Not only that, the town ground becomes a sort of a carnival, with people putting up stalls to display and sell their art, handicrafts and souvenirs. To add a bit of a competition to the air, animal lovers organize a camel judging contest. Traditional Rajasthani music fills the air as locals dance and celebrate. This Mela is one of the largest in India and attracts many tourists every year, promising an unforgettable experience.

  • Pushkar Fair
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