Shekhawati Festival, Nawalgarh

  • The Shekhawati Festival is held every year in the month of February in Nawalgarh. This festival is popular with tourists who are taken on horseback rides through the rustic landscape of rural Rajasthan. Here they get to see first hand the life and culture of these warm and hospitable people. Since these people traditionally work as farmers, they get a closer look at their agricultural practices and the revolution sweeping through the region- previously relying on outside sources for crop and grains, this region now exports 80% of its produce due to the change in agricultural techniques. This festival gives you a glimpse of Shekhawati culture, beginning at Nawalgarh and moving through Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu in a day. Tourists can also enjoy jeep and camel safaris, farm visits and rural games, cultural programs, havelis competitions and a fireworks display. All in all, the Shekhawati Festival is one of the many festivals that can give you a unique insight on the ways of the Rajasthani people.

  • Shekhawati Festival
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