Famous destination in Ranakpur

  • Located in a valley to the western side of the Aravalli ranges, Ranakpur falls between the cities of Jodhpur and Udaipur. Ranakpur holds great importance as a holy place for Jains. This village is renowned among the Jains for its marble Jain temple which is one of the best Jain temples in India. The temple is built with light coloured marble. The exquisiteness of this temple cannot be explained in words and must be visited to witness it in its full glory. It is a pleasure for the eyes and is a monument of fine art. Each pillar is carved exclusively; matching to no other pillar out of the fourteen thousand and forty four other pillars carved that display equal artistry. There are 29 halls in this temple, every hall with a unique surface carved with delicacy that can be reproduced by none. The temple is built with the base as chaumukha and is dedicated to Adinathji.

  • Ranakpur
  • Another major temple in Ranakpur is the Sun temple dedicated to the Sun God. Built in the classic Nagar style, the sun temple exhibits intricate carvings and sculptures that reflect delicacy and the superiority of the artisans of that era. This east facing temple has a sanctum crowned with a shikara. The Sun God is shown sitting in his chariot in the temple so beautifully and in such an explicit manner that you can't help but appreciate the effort and skill of the artisan. The horses, warriors, chariot and the celestial bodies have been curved to perfection. The ambience of Ranakpur and the setting of this village among the valleys and mountains has famously christened the place the 'Tranquil Pilgrimage Location'.

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