Famous destination in Sariska

  • Sariska was declared as a sanctuary not until the year 1955. Later on, in the year 1979 it was converted into a National Park. Sariska is located in the Alwar district but is mostly a part of the Aravalli Mountains. The park is about 195 kms from Delhi and a mere 100 kms from Jaipur. Less crowded than the Ranthambore National Park, Sariska boasts the same variety of animals and breathe taking nature present at Ranthambore. Sharp cliffs and narrow valleys, the northern side of the Aravalli ranges cover the Sariska skies making it a picturesque destination. Near the centre the park proudly displays the Kankwadi fort built by Jai Singh II. The panoramic surroundings of this fort make it a very adventurous place. The Sariska National Park occupies a space of 800 square kms but its core area is about 500 square kms. Known for its Bengal tigers and converted into a tiger reserve as well, Sariska is home to thousands of unique species. Being a part of the Aravallis, Sariska is a very fertile area and has lots of mineral resources. For a safari or to catch some time in the peaceful forests, the Sariska National Park is the perfect place to be. The reserve also has facilities made available for a few days stay in the forest, where you can enjoy a tranquil escape in nature or watch animals in their natural habitat.

  • Sariska Safari
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