Popular attractions of Bikaner


About Bikaner:

Rajasthan is famous not only for its desert but also for the heroic tales of Rajput emperors, Royal palaces, its hospitality and its colours. One amongst the old and heritage cities of Rajasthan is ‘Bikaner’. Bikaner was founded in the year 1448 by the then emperor Rao Bikaji. Bikaner is also known as ‘Camel City’ of India because it has Asia’s one and only Camel Breeding Farm and Research Centre. The magnificent charm of Bikaner attracts many tourists from different parts of the world. Fort of Lallgarh, Junagarh Fort are popular tourist destination. Temple of Karni Mata and Shiv Bari Temple are great destinations in terms of idol worshipping. . Historical remains at Kalibangan and Ganga Singh Museum are also major tourist spots in Bikaner.

Prominent Attractions:
Junagarh Fort - Karni Mata Temple - Shiv Bari Temple - Lallgarh Palace - Kalibangan - Ganga Singh Museum

  • Junagarh Fort

    Junagarh Fort was constructed between 1588 - 1593 by Raja Rai Singh. The fort bears 986 m long wall. Adjacent to the wall are two entrances and 37 bastions. The Chandra Mahal popularly known as Moon Palace, the Phool Mahal also known as Flower Palace, the Karna Mahal and the Anoop Mahal are located at the Southern part of the Fort. The Mahal Comprises of huge courtyards and big balconies. The fort looks exquisite with marble carvings and paintings.

  • Karni Mata Temple

    The temple constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singh, is one of the most popular tourist spot in Bikaner. The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. Karni Mata Temple allows tourist from different parts of the world to seek solutions of their problems by offering prayers.

  • Shiv Bari Temple

    Shiv Bari Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple was constructed by Maharaja Doongar Singh. The temple adorns beautiful paintings with a moulding of Nandi bull in front of Lord Shiv’s lingam.

  • Lallgarh Palace

    The palace was completed in the year 1926 by Maharaja Ganga Singh. This palace was built in the loving memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singh. Rajput Martial structure was used in its architectural designing and was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob. Red stone is primarily used for the construction with carvings all over the Palace. The palace comprises of several large halls, Pavilion and lounges. Beautifully carving can be seen on the pillars of the palace.

  • Kalibangan

    Kalibangan holds a great historical background. It is situated in the district of Hanuman garh. Kalibangan is one of the oldest remains from Harappa and Mohenjo Daro civilization. Those who are fascinated with history, Kalibangan is a great place for them.

  • Ganga Singh Museum

    It is one of the greatest Museums in Rajasthan. The museum is embraced with paintings, carpets, handicrafts from Harappa Civilization. Handicrafts from Gupta period and weapons of Rajputana emperors are also preserved with museum authorities.

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